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Nerang Fire Trails

The Nerang fire trails have a reputation for being rough and gnarly. Not any more… they have been upgraded and are now a sheer delight to run on.

All Saturdays; 27 May, 24 June, 22 July, 19 August, 16 September, 2017.

Nerang Cycling Velodrome: 1 Hope Street, Nerang, just 1 minute from the M1 motorway.
See map.

Water stations:
None for the 2 kms and 6 kms events. For the Altra progressive

  • meet 1 – 6 kms – none
  • meet 2 – 9 kms – Diana McKenzie cnr only
  • meet 3 – 14 kms – Diana McKenzie cnr only
  • meet 4 – 20 kms – Diana McKenzie cnr only (carry bottle for 11 kms)
  • meet 5 – 25 kms – Diana McKenzie cnr and Peter O cnr (max. 7 kms between stations)

Runners, more so in the 20 & 25 kms events, are advised to carry hydration packs and energy replacement.

Run course configuration:
Option 1: AAA Training for walkers, beginners and the kids – 2 kms
Option 2: Jetts standard 6 kms, 3 out and 3 back
Option 3: Altra Progressive Challenge 6-9-14-20-25 kms
See detailed map below.

There are toilets at the race headquarters only. There will be no portaloos on course due to very limited vehicular access.

First aid:
For cuts and abrasions, the aid stations will carry First Aid kits. Scott Whimpey from First Aid Accident & Emergency will be on hand to attend to anything serious.

We provide public liability insurance for this and all of our events. This does not include Personal Accident (PA) cover for you as a runner. We have joined Qrun as a member organisation to access this PA insurance for you but for it to extend to you, you must also be a member of Qrun. You can join when you enter this race, by entering the information when prompted, at the low cost of $10/pa. If you are already a member of Qrun or Queensland Athletics, you can ignore this option. Likewise, if you enter another of our races, you need not join Qrun a second time. This insurance will also cover you on any of our organised training runs, but only if you have registered with us and, in turn, with Qrun. This insurance is good for any of our races and while participating in any of our organised training runs (currently at Nerang very Wednesday) but expires come end August each year.

Course marking:
Marked where appropriate. If runners are new to the Nerang forest please download the course map. Never rely upon signs only. We do our best but occasionally the markings are inadequate, omitted or they get stolen or tampered with.

Course measurement:
Measured by GPS but if you have a Garmin, Suunto, TomTom or similar measuring device, please measure it for us together with elevation rise and fall.

The races are sanctioned by Athletics Australia and Qld Athletics.

Race start times:
Meet 1, 27 May – 6:30 am for 6 kms (both standard and progressive) and 7:00 am for the 2 kms.
Meet 2, 24 June – 7:00 am for 9 kms, 7:15 for 6 kms and 7:30 am for the 2 kms.
Meet 3, 22 July – 6:20 am for 14 kms, 7:00 for 6 kms and 7:15 am for the 2 kms.
Meet 4, 19 August – 6:00 am for 20 kms, 7:00 am for 6 kms, 7:30 for 2kms; racebib pickup from 5:15 am.
Meet 5, 16 September – 5:40 am for 25 kms, 7:00 am for 6 kms, 7:30 for 2kms; racebib pickup from 5:00 am.

Electronic timing
Electronic timing will be employed for the series. The timing is activated by a shoe tag. Please affix it to your shoe lace. It will not work if carried in your pocket or attached to your race bib. Please remember to hand the chip in when you finish your race. This is a race, not a time trial. Consequently, we use gun times rather than chip times. That is, time starts when the race director calls “go”, not when you cross the start line. First past the post wins the race.

Racebib and timing chip collection:
On the day only, available from 5:30 am in the kiosk area at ground level.

Adequate parking is available in the streets surrounding the velodrome.

Hot showers are available in the new toilet block adjoining the kiosk.

As soon as practicable after each event.

Will be available on the website the same day.

Will be taken on race day and will be available within 24 hours for viewing and download, free of charge.

Please bring all trash back to base. Please do not leave any wrappers or other trash on the trails. Leave only footprints and take nothing but photos.

Series champions:
Will be determined on a points system with 10 points to the winner, 9 points for second and so on down to one point for tenth. Trophies will be awarded to the series placegetters 1st, 2nd and 3rd, male and female, aggregated over the various distances, to be presented after the completion of the last event on 16 September. In the event of a tie, the runners will be separated in favor of he or she who accumulated their points in the longer distances.

Age group awards:

  • adults 17-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60 and O60
  • kids 8 and under, then 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16

In all cases the age to be used will be the age of the runner of the date of the last event, 16 September.

Points will be awarded on a 3-2-1 basis for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Awards will not be presented meet to meet. However, results and standings will be done the day of each event and available on our website. The medals will be presented at the last event on 16 September, i.e. the winning male and winning female for each age category, aggregated over the 3 events.

Gold Coast Physio & Sports Health Champions Trophy:
The male & female athlete with the highest points accumulated during the 5-race series will be awarded Nerang Short Course Champion for 2017. Note; to qualify for this award, athletes must contest at least three of the five events of the series. The winner will be determined on a points basis, 15 for a win, 9 for 2nd, down to one point for 10th place. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the runner who gained his or her points in the longer events. The winners names will be added to the perpetual trophy which will be held by Gold Coast Physio & Sports Health.

Clubs and groups:
As in previous years there will be a Club championship.
The winning Club will receive:-

  • perpetual trophy, with replica,
  • publicity by way of a one page article in the issue of Coast Multisport magazine after the last event, and
  • each member will receive a free group photo taken at the last event (available for download from SOK Images website

If you are running for a club or group, please enter your club or group name from the drop down box provided. Again, do not enter as a team, but as an individual, nominating your club or group from the drop down box.

Don’t forget to nominate your Club or group when entering.

The clubs / groups listed are 

  • AAA Training
  • Altra Running (Altra)
  • Brisbane Trail Runners (BTR)
  • Galeforce
  • GC Physio & Sports Health (GCPSH)
  • GC Runners Club (GCRC)
  • GC Trail Runners (GCTR)
  • Jetts 24 hr Fitness (Jetts)
  • Mountain Goat Trails Runners (MGTR)
  • Nike Victory
  • Run Goat Run (RGR)
  • RK Pod
  • RMA
  • TrailChix
  • Twin Towns

There is provision in the online registration process for you to add more clubs should yours not be listed. By the way, a club need not be a formal registered club but can be any group nominated.

The Club that wins the Club Challenge will be that which accumulates the greatest number of points for the series in accordance with the following formula:-

  1. by turnout (weighted three points per runner per race meet), and
  2. points awarded for overall series competition, (10 for 1st down to 1 for 10th) see series awards above.

NSC map

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